Around the Post

American Legion Post 67 was established at the end of WWI and renamed the R. Vernon Hill Memorial Post 67 in the 1950s.

Water Pipe Bursts at the Hall

We'd like to provide an update on a recent incident at our Post. Last weekend, a water pipe burst in the attic, causing damage to parts of both bathrooms and the office. Our dedicated volunteers have been diligently working throughout the week to address and repair the damage.

Here's a snapshot of our progress:

✅ A skilled plumber has successfully replaced the water pipes throughout the building.

✅ Insulation has been removed, and new insulation has been expertly fitted into the walls.

🚧 The next phase involves installing ceiling insulation, which we plan to complete promptly.

🛠️ Drywall is on the horizon and is expected to arrive and be installed by a contractor within the next 2 weeks.

Post 67 Takes part in the City of Puyallup Santa Parade

2 December 2023 - Members of Post 67 took part in the Santa Parade put on by the City of Puyallup.  While not officially carrying a banner, the members walked the parade route with the local VFW 2224 members, handing out candy and bringing good tidings to all those along the way.

Post 67 and Troop 598 Placing Flags at Woodbine

In a heartfelt tribute, R. Vernon Hill Memorial American Legion Post and Boy Scout Troop 598 joined forces on May 25, 2023, to honor veterans at Woodbine Cemetery. With utmost respect, they placed flags at each veteran's grave, ensuring no one was forgotten. This collaborative effort symbolized gratitude, unity, and remembrance. The dedication of the Legion members and the enthusiasm of the Scouts exemplify the power of community and instill a sense of duty in the younger generation. Their selfless actions serve as a reminder that our appreciation extends beyond Memorial Day. Together, we honor and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.


Memorial Day Poppies at Safeway

20-21 May 2023 - We are excited to share the tremendous success of our recent Poppies event held over the weekend. It was a heartfelt occasion that paid tribute to our veterans and provided support to their families. We want to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated volunteers who generously contributed their time and energy to make this event possible. Your unwavering commitment and hard work made a significant impact and created a memorable experience for all involved.

We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to Arthur Bell and Trudy Cofchin for their exceptional efforts in organizing and coordinating the event. Their leadership and vision were instrumental in bringing everything together seamlessly. Their dedication and passion truly set the stage for a successful event.

The Poppies event not only raised awareness about the sacrifices made by our brave veterans but also provided much-needed support to their families. Witnessing the community come together to honor and support those who have served our nation was truly inspiring.

Post commemorates Vietnam Veterans with Dinner and Ceremony

29 March 2023 - The Post celebrated its Vietnam Veterans with a dinner and ceremony.  The ceremony was led by Rex Faubion (Post Commander) and Pat Ayers (2nd Vice Commander).  Food was cooked and prepared by Tom Shriver, Sr. and Stella Bell.  There was quite a turnout with lots of laughing, talking, and good times all around.

The Post hopes to make this an annual event and is already looking forward to next year's dinner.  Pictures of the event can be found here.

John Ambrose to participate in Puget Sound Honor Flight

6 March 2023 - Some exciting news has come our way here at Post 67.  Long-time member and former Post Adjutant John Ambrose has been selected to participate in the Honor Flight from April 22-24, 2023.

Please help the rest of the Officers at R. Vernon Hill Memorial Post 67 and me in congratulating John Ambrose; it is an honor well deserved.

Tom Shriver, Sr. presented with Legionnaire of the Year award for 2022

2 Feb 2023 - Tom Shriver, Sr. was presented with the Legionnaire of the Year award for 2022. Tom has held nearly every position in the Post and serves as the Post Judge Advocate General. Tom's continued service to the Post and his fellow Veterans is a shining example of what being a Legionnaire genuinely entails. 

John Ambrose steps down as Post Adjutant

2 Feb 2023 - John Ambrose was presented a Certificate of Appreciation for his continued service as the Post Adjutant for nearly a decade. Even though John has stepped down as the Post Adjutant, he continues to counsel his replacement and remain actively involved in Post operations. 

Arthur Bell steps back as Lead Service Officer

5 Jan 2023 - Arthur Bell was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for his long service as the Lead Post Service Officer.  Art is not going away, but simply stepping back and letting Karl Moore take the lead.

Work has begun on the bathroom remodels.

16 Jan 2023 - This morning, shortly before 0830, work had begun to remove everything from the bathrooms for the upcoming remodeling work to be completed this week.  Work moved swiftly and confidently with little to no issues popping up.